We help health professionals with their Digital Marketing to get Better Leads and Results for your practice. 

Let us help you with insights from our Free Social Media Audit!

 Orotree Marketing Agency
100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a free trial week and a half off of one month, if you feel that we are not getting you the results you want, we will refund you the full amount of our services for the 30 days.  
What Are You Waiting For?
Let us help improve your business with our marketing agency and consulting!
P.S: We are so excited to help you and your patients!
Who is Orotree Marketing Agency?
Hi! I'm Josh the founder of Orotree Marketing Agency.  

We are an agency that helps health professionals get more clients for their practice.  

I love health and wellness and was a massage therapist for 6 years. I helped clients live more pain-free and healthy but due to a back injury, I can no longer continue as a massage therapist.

I have studied from marketers such as Tai Lopez, Hubspot, and Clickfunnels.  I have also studied consulting and a number of books from the marketing of Robert Cialdini, David Ogilvy, and Joseph Sugarman.  I also love psychology and neuroscience to help understand marketing better.  

  Orotree Marketing Agency helps health professionals with their digital marketing campaigns that increase positive patient reviews, provide software for all in one CRM, Lead Generation, and Social Media management.  I want to help health professionals serve their patients better with digital marketing and consulting.
  • Reputation management to show patients online that you are an awesome practice!
  • Lead Generation that help you get better leads and automate your scheduling.
  • Social Media Management to drive traffic to your office with engaging content!
I have no current clients so to lower the risk I am offering a two-week free trial included with your free social media audit!  

Also, I am also offering half off on my services for the first month after the first two weeks! 

Also due to not having several clients I will be more available than other agencies that handle many clients.
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